Question: When a centre opens up, will it give any kind of signal?

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, it will give a signal, although people often don't notice it. It will start off like a quarter circle and then go to a full circle. When it begins to turn very, very rapidly, it means that that particular centre is ready to be opened. It is like a wheel that goes on spinning. Then, when the centre is opened up, one gets the experience of feeling the kundalini power rise. Some seekers say that it coils up like a snake; for others it appears to crawl like an ant or jump like a frog.

There is no hard and fast rule that the seeker will get a certain kind of experience. One can expect anything. If the chakras are open, immediately you will be able to know. It is just like opening a door. The door is closed now, bolted from the inside or outside. But once it is open you will be able to know what is inside the room. If the door to your third eye is opened, then you will be able to see the past, present and future. You will have the power of clairvoyance. More than that, you will see that in clairvoyance you will also have the power of clairaudience. You are seeing me here; but if something is going on over there, you will have the power to hear it. But if your heart centre is not opened, you will not have the power to hear the soundless sound in the heart. When your heart centre is opened, you will automatically have the feeling of universal oneness. You touch something and immediately you will identify with it and feel your oneness. You will look at a person and feel oneness with his suffering or joy or any condition he is in. When a particular centre is opened, the qualities of that centre you will get. So if a centre is open, naturally you will feel it. But sometimes people read books and try to meditate and then they immediately feel that their centres are open. This is sheer imagination. It is not an easy thing to open up the centres; it takes very, very serious practice.