Question: Is the awakening of the kundalini a sign that God-realisation is imminent? At what stage of the soul's evolution does the kundalini rise?

Sri Chinmoy: There is no hard and fast rule. There are many people who have realised God without ever having developed kundalini power. It is not at all necessary to open up the centres in order to realise God. They have seen the gradual development, revelation and manifestation of the soul's potentialities and possibilities but have not developed their kundalini power. Here, soul's manifestation means soul's evolution. Again, there are those who will not realise God for another two or three incarnations who have developed kundalini power. So there is no direct connection between the kundalini power and the soul's development.

The opening of the centres need not be an indication of God-realisation. But when there is intense meditation, very powerful meditation of the highest type, then automatically the centres open up. Also, when one realises God, everything comes. At that time the centres automatically open, whether the seeker wants to utilise them or not.