Question: When the third eye is open, what can you do?

Sri Chinmoy: The third eye is the place of vision. When you use your two eyes, you can see only what is in front of you. But with the third eye you can see forward, backward, everywhere. You can also see the past, present and future at the same time. Right now you may not remember what you ate yesterday for breakfast. But if you can open up your third eye, you will be able to tell even two years ago what you ate for breakfast. If you open your third eye, immediately it will take you into your past, where everything is recorded. It will also show you the future: what is going to happen in your life or in your friends' lives. Suppose you have planned to do something tomorrow morning. This is your plan, your determination. When the day dawns, however, you may change your mind twenty times. But if you see with your third eye what is going to happen, then you will have no necessity, no will to change the cosmic Plan, for it is already done on the inner plane.