Senator Robert Kennedy

November 3, 1964

The battle is done.
Robert has won.
The battle is done.
Jack's hope has won.
The battle is done.
God's Smile is won.

Yours is the mind creative in thought,
Yours is the heart rich in experience,
Yours is the soul that braves
The storm-tossed life of the world.

Although you have not seen many summers
    on the earthly stage,
Far have you travelled in the adventure of life.
Yet farther have you to travel.
No halt, no end to your journey's life.

You are Senator.
Consciously, even inevitably,
Thrust upon you is a stupendous measure
of burden.
Through you President Kennedy's voice
Rings with the clearest extremes
Of emotion divine: Freedom and Peace.
To silence the age-long dirge of poverty,
Jack's heart in his brother cries like a child.

Victory you have won: a victory significant,
A victory of paramount importance,
One brilliant with the light of countless stars.
Your dream, no chimera's mist, but reality itself:
The Man of the Eternal Dawn in you
Shall far transcend the Senator in you,
On the frontiers of West and East,
South and North.

Sri Chinmoy, Kennedy: The Universal Heart, Aum Press, Puerto Rico, 1973