Honouring Mr. Vongbhun

Mr. Vanasin Vongbhun: Tomorrow afternoon the orphans will give a little ceremony for me here. They do it every year.

Sri Chinmoy: So they will show you their love and gratitude?

Mr. Vanasin Vongbhun: Yes, that's why they asked me to be here tomorrow.

Sri Chinmoy: While they are honouring you may my students and I watch from a distance?

Mr. Vanasin Vongbhun: Yes.

Sri Chinmoy: I will definitely be here with all my joy and pride in you. I am so proud that they are coming to honour you. I shall definitely be here with my own boundless love and personal gratitude to you for helping these young people who badly need your help. A heart like yours everybody needs. Mr. Vanasin Vongbhun: And I think we can express this concept to other countries, especially in the hotel business.

Sri Chinmoy: Each hotel gets pilgrims from all over the world. Even today, see how many people are coming to your hotel here in Bangkok from various parts of the world. So the good, compassionate thoughts that you have instilled in these children will spread to people all over the world who come to your hotels. The flower may be here, but the fragrance can be felt everywhere. You are the flower and the fragrance is spreading all over.

A hotel brings all the bees for the honey. It serves a very, very special purpose for mankind, because we are all members of one family. In our world-family, the brothers and sisters are living in various countries. But at Christmas or at other special times, they all gather together and come to a hotel to be with their brothers and sisters who are living in a different place. So a hotel serves that divine purpose.