Question: I would like to come to see you in New York, but it is quite expensive.

Sri Chinmoy: True, it is expensive, but right now you can start thinking about it and dreaming about it. Miracles do happen. It is like reading a book. You read one line of a book and then you are inspired to read the next line, then the third line. So today you can start by thinking of coming to New York, and tomorrow you will be inspired to go one step forward. New inspiration will come, and inside that inspiration there will be a way to realise your dream. You will say, "Oh, perhaps so and so will help me." There are so many ways to accomplish your goal. Right now they are invisible, unseen, unknown. But those invisible, unseen, unknown ways will come forward.

If we don't sow the seed, how will there ever be a plant or a tree? So inside your heart you have to sow the seed of coming to New York. Then that seed will germinate in the form of inspiration. Then it will become aspiration, then dedication and finally manifestation.