Francisco Matos Paoli: I am convinced about reincarnation.

Sri Chinmoy: Yes, this is not your first life, and this is not your last life. Through each incarnation the soul is receiving more light, abundant light, infinite light. At the same time, it is revealing and manifesting this light that it is receiving from Above. We believe in reincarnation, because in one incarnation we cannot achieve everything.

Francisco Matos Paoli: No, no, it is impossible!

Sri Chinmoy: At the age of four perhaps we had a desire, and at the age of fifty we have not yet fulfilled it. We may have fulfilled only a few desires out of countless desires which we have had in our lifetime, so we must incarnate again in order to fulfil our unfulfilled desires and also to do something for God. Eventually we do not want to go through the desire process anymore; we want to go through the aspiration process. In aspiration we pray to God to make us good, to make us divine, to make us perfect. Now, it is very easy, it takes only a few seconds to say, "O Lord, make us good, divine and perfect." But in order to actually become good, divine and perfect, God knows how many incarnations it takes. So, we feel that the road of aspiration is the road that can lead us to real happiness.

Francisco Matos Paoli: Can we reach a state of eternal bliss where there is no reincarnation at all?

Sri Chinmoy: If you enter into Nirvana, or when God says to you, "My son, you have worked so hard for Me. Now you can enjoy a rest. I have many other children. Let them now work for me." Before the Christ, Lord Krishna was also a great spiritual Master; the Buddha was also a great spiritual Master. The Absolute Supreme sent Krishna, Buddha, Christ and a few other Masters to help the earth-consciousness. They are no longer in the physical body, but their consciousness is alive. They are spirit, as you said at the very beginning of our talk. In that form they are still on earth guiding us, moulding us shaping us, transforming us and liberating us.

Francisco Matos Paoli: When we have illumination and we have entered into the eternal life, can we come back again?

Sri Chinmoy: Certainly. It is like a game that we are playing with God. After he has played for a long time, the son says, "I am tired. I don't want to play anymore." The Father says, "All right." Then tomorrow the son says, "I want to play again." So the Father allows him to play. The Cosmic Game is like that. If you don't want to play, you don't play. You are not forced. But if you want to play, you can. There is full liberty. If you play and enjoy yourself, wonderful. If you suffer and you say, "No, I am tired of this game; I want to watch from Above," that also you can do. The Supreme wants only happiness from you. By playing, if you are happy, it is wonderful. Just by watching, if you want to become happy, it is all right, too.