Question: What is the essence of luminosity?

Sri Chinmoy: The essence of luminosity is that it wants to spread Light, the consciousness of Light. Take Light as a bird that wants to cover not only the length and breadth of the world, but the entire universe. The essence of the luminosity-flower is that it flies in the firmament of infinity. While spreading Light all over the universe, it sees that Light is only another name for Life, universal Life, transcendental Life. While spreading Light, it sees that what it is actually offering is Life.

Now, the flight of the luminosity-bird is witnessed by Eternal Time. Eternal Time is like the father who has millions of dollars, but gives the child only one dollar and says, "Don't waste this dollar. Buy only the things that are necessary for you, that will help you." Eternal Time tells the luminosity-bird, "Although I have infinite time at my disposal, don't waste a fleeting second. If you do, I will not give you Eternal Time." So Eternal Time advises the luminosity-bird, "I will give you everything I have, but first you have to prove that you won't waste time, that you will constantly fly, fly, fly and spread Light, which is Life."