Question: Guru, how can we be more dynamic?

Sri Chinmoy: The dynamism that you want comes directly from the soul's light. Real dynamism is not aggression; real dynamism is the soul's light and our adamantine will. It is not that dynamism is found in the soul's light or in our adamantine will. No! The soul's light and our adamantine will are one and inseparable with divine dynamism. But we notice them at three different places. Dynamism we see in the vital world — not in the impure or emotional vital, but in the higher vital world. Here everything is like one big wave after another. They are not waves of destruction, but waves of boundless Light, Peace and Bliss.

As dynamism is the life-breath of the higher vital world, light, the soul's light, is the life-breath of the psychic world, the heart's world. The aspiring heart always wants to identify itself with something vast, and the soul's light is the breath of vastness.

Will also is found in a special place. Its location is in the third eye. And will is the life-breath of vision, the ultimate or universal vision of the future. In order to have constant dynamism, you have to be constantly aware of your goal and you have to feel that your goal is very close. It is not millions of miles away; it is around you, before you, in front of your nose. You have only to seek it consciously, grasp it and claim it. You have to always have the feeling that your goal is just before you, but that you are still unlucky and not able to see it. If you all the time feel that your goal is within easy reach, but that you don't know where it is, you will desperately cry for it and search for it, and naturally you will make an attempt to reach the goal. Then, while you are making the attempt, automatically your inner being is flooded with dynamism. If you feel that your goal is far, you become relaxed and feel that eternity is at your disposal. Then your inner dynamism doesn't come to the fore. But if you feel that what you want to grow into is just around you, only you have to use your conscious awareness to grasp it and claim it, then you will get dynamism. At that time, you will be constantly breathing in, consciously or unconsciously, the breath or soul of your goal, and dynamism will be yours.

Dynamism means the death of your lethargic life, the death of your ignorance life. The moment dynamism comes to the fore, immediately you see the death of lethargy, ignorance and anything else that prevents you from reaching your goal, growing into your goal and becoming your goal.