Question: How can I do what I want to do?

Sri Chinmoy: If you want to know how you can do what you want on the physical plane, you are making a terrible mistake. Most of the time, if not all the time, what you want to do on the physical plane is an act of ignorance. On the physical plane most of the time you try to break, break, break. And even if you want to do something divine, you want to do this divine thing in your own way. The moment you use the word "I," ego comes to the fore. Your question should be, how can you do all the time what the Supreme wants you to do? If you put the question this way, immediately ego goes away like an obedient child.

How can you please the Supreme the way He wants you to please Him? Immediately you have to feel that you are trying to please Him in His own way because He has more light than you. Without the Supreme, you cannot exist. Forget even about the Supreme; without the best in yourself you cannot really exist. The best in you right now is the soul. If the soul leaves the body, you die. Forget about the soul; if your heart stops, you die. But you know that there is something infinitely better than the soul and the heart, and that is the Supreme. When the soul leaves, when the heart stops, you die; but there is something infinitely more important than life, and that is the Supreme. If you have that kind of feeling, automatically you will try to please Him in His own way. If your breath is going away, naturally you will try to please Him who holds the breath, and is the breath.