Question: Please explain Divine Justice.

Sri Chinmoy: Divine Justice is nothing short of Divine Forgiveness. Human justice says that if somebody has stolen something, he has to be punished. Human justice tells us that this is the right thing, and it gets tremendous pleasure by punishing the person. But when the Divine Justice operates, even if it takes an outer form, inside this Justice there is tremendous compassion. While the inner judge is telling the world that so and so is the culprit, he is illumining the person's mind so that he does not enter into ignorance again. So when Divine Justice is offered, there is an inner compassion and an inner illumination inside it. They work together so the seeker does not fall again and again into the sea of ignorance.

When human justice operates, the culprit knows that nobody has instigated him. He knows he has been responsible all the time. But Divine Justice helps the culprit realise that it is not he who has committed the wrong act, but something else which we call ignorance which has operated in and through him. When Divine Justice operates, the person feels miserable that he has allowed some wrong forces to enter into him and act in and through him. He feels he was a fool to allow somebody or something else to operate in and through him. He realises he should act only according to his own inner will, according to his soul's divine guidance.