My sweet children

Long twenty-three years ago, my Beloved Absolute Supreme brought me to America, to the West, to be of most soulful service to Him in the West. He blessed me with His infinite Hope, infinite Inspiration and infinite Aspiration to serve Him in the West.

You are my sweet children. You are my service-plants. You will one day become huge banyan trees. I am not only helping you; I will make you realise the Absolute Supreme, and I will manifest Him in and through you at His choice Hour. You are my choice children. Together we shall strive for the perfection of humanity’s heart and life.

Love the Supreme in me more, infinitely more. Be devoted to the Supreme in me infinitely more. Lo, yours will be the sleepless joy and breathless satisfaction. Yours will be the perfection, complete perfection, that humanity has been longing for, for centuries and centuries.