The death of Kumar's father

Kumar's father died at the ripe old age of 78. The day before he died, Kumar drove his Master to a university in the city where he lived, for the Master was scheduled to deliver a lecture there. On the way the Master got the inner message that Kumar's father was in the hospital. While they were coming back, Kumar still didn't know that his father had been taken to the hospital so the Master just casually asked him about his father. Kumar said, "Father is fine; everything is well with him."

The Master said, "Recently, did you quarrel or fight?"

"That happens quite often," Kumar replied. "The other day he was scolding me and asking me why I was not trying to make more money in the real estate business. I told him, 'When Master comes here, at that time my only business is to be with Master,' so my father kept quiet."

The following morning at ten o'clock, Kumar phoned his Master to say his father was dying. The nurse had told him that it was only a matter of a few minutes. Kumar was quite calm and poised. The Master told him, "We must not try to keep him on earth. Let us not pull him. Let us surrender to the Supreme's Will."

Instead of a few minutes, Kumar's father's life lasted a few hours. Then he finally died. In the evening Kumar came to the ashram as if nothing had happened in his family. First the Master said, "Kumar, smile at me." From the smile he gave his Master, who could imagine that his father had just died?

Later the Master and Kumar went to the funeral home to see the body. It was about two o'clock or so when the father died, and they went there at about eight-thirty. As soon as the Master and Kumar entered the room where the coffin was, Kumar's mother came and greeted them. There were about forty people near the coffin, but only the mother appeared to be suffering from the loss. The rest were talking and smiling and acting absolutely undivine. 'Undivine' is a big understatement. So the Master and Kumar approached the mother with folded hands and consoled her. They were really very soulful. Kumar's mother didn't speak English but what the Master said, her soul, her heart felt.

Then Kumar and his Master approached the coffin and stood looking at the body. With his inner vision the Master saw that the father's soul was standing just by the coffin, on the right side. When the soul leaves the body, if it is an ordinary human soul, it sometimes stays for a while and watches what its friends and relatives are doing. The Master was standing on one side and the soul was not even half a metre away. After five minutes he said to the soul, "I know you won't play the game of manifestation any more, but please play hide-and-seek. Just enter into the body and play hide-and-seek." The soul listened to the Master and three times actually entered the body. Each time it came in, the body was full of life in absolutely every way. Finally the Master said to Kumar, "Now let us go."

On the way out, Kumar's brother was very near by, so Kumar introduced him to his Master. "He is a very great soul," Kumar said to the brother. "He will elevate our father's soul to a very high state of consciousness."

But his brother only replied, "We have our own religion." Even so, the Master did much for the father that night. He helped him and promised to continue to help him because he had always liked Kumar's father and mother so much.

When Kumar and the Master got outside and entered into the car, Kumar immediately said, "Master, do you believe it? I saw my father breathing three times, and three times I saw and felt that he was alive." So you see, even Kumar knew what had happened. The Master was so pleased that he had felt it and seen it.

Kumar's sacrifice to the Master's ashram and to his Mission could not be measured. He was one of the ashram's first heroes, the only one left among the very first group of disciples. How people tried to take him away and convert him. People pleaded with him to leave the ashram, but Kumar was always like a solid rock, a pillar of the Master's Mission. When Kumar himself died, the Master lost a peerless instrument and a most beloved son.