Scene 1

(Chaitanya and Nityananda are walking along the street singing Hari Bol with utmost joy.)

NITYANANDA: O Lord Gauranga, your rise in the firmament of Bengal at this time, a time when our province is shrouded in a mist of superstition, ignorance and pessimism, is a supreme blessing from Providence. The supernal Light that you are throwing on our slumbering and downtrodden country is stirring its children to a new life. Your work and your miracles are not done to arrest the attention of people, but to bestow your love, your compassion on poor suffering humanity. To you a sinner is not an object of ire or contempt, but an object of compassion and love.

CHAITANYA: In my philosophy, Nityananda, we need not extinguish the senses. We should keep the senses intact. But also, we should never forget that we have to keep them under proper control.

NITYANANDA: Ah! Here come those two fiends in human shape, the brothers Jagai and Madhai.

(Madhai, the younger and fiercer of the two, is holding an earthen jar. Suddenly he flings the jar at Nityananda, striking and wounding him on the forehead.)

NITYANANDA: You have struck me. My forehead is wounded and bleeding from the blow of this jar. But even so I am beside myself with joy, because finally Lord Gauranga’s attention will be drawn to you two, the worst possible sinners, and his redeeming Grace will at last be showered on you. His mere touch or look performs the miracle of miracles.

CHAITANYA (flying into a rage, to Madhai): How dare you strike my Nityananda? I shall invoke my chakra to punish you, Madhai, for I will not tolerate the suffering of my true disciple, who is dearer to me than my own life!

NITYANANDA: My Lord, I do not want salvation just now. First save the greatest sinners in the world, and then you can take my case into consideration.

CHAITANYA: Nityananda, indeed you are forgiveness incarnate. But my rage is not pacified. I am bent on punishing Madhai.

(Chaitanya turns toward Madhai. Madhai stares at him for a long time as if spellbound. Silence falls on the group.)

MADHAI (aside): At the mere sight of Chaitanya, I feel a great change coming over me. My inside is being clawed as earth is clawed by a cat. His silent influence is changing my life. (To Chaitanya.) O Chaitanya, my Lord, I don’t ask forgiveness of you, nor am I afraid of punishment. Let it come, and I shall welcome it. Only tell me, is there any way, any penance, by which I can, at any future period, attain to your lotus feet? Only tell me the way, if there be any, and then cast me off.

CHAITANYA: Madhai, your prayer is at once striking and significant. (Blesses Madhai and Jagai.) Both you and your brother, Jagai, will be transformed into the holiest of holy souls. There can be no shadow of a doubt that this miracle that I am envisioning will soon become the most evident Truth.

MADHAI: O Lord Chaitanya, a life replete with miracles is yours; and ours is a life filled with gratitude to you, O Love Incarnate.

(Madhai sings.)

He jogiraj dikkha amai dao go aji dikkha
rupantarer amar bani pabo aji shikkha
ghurbona ar dure dure
nachbo shudhu hriday pure
gaibo giti premer sure
dekhbo amai pran mukure
nirabatar lagi ami magi aji bhikkha

(O Yogi of the highest magnitude, initiate me.
Today offer me Your initiation.
Today I shall learn the immortal message of transformation from You.
I shall not wander any more in the farthest corners of the world.
I shall only dance in the city of my heart.
Inside the city of my heart I shall sing songs of Love Divine.
And I shall see myself in the mirror of my sanctified heart.
Today I beg of You to offer me only one thing: silence, silence.
O Yogi of the highest magnitude, initiate me today.)

Sri Chinmoy, Lord Gauranga: love incarnate, Sky Publishers, New York, 1973