Question: How can America's leaders best foster true patriotism in the American people?

Sri Chinmoy: American leaders can best foster true patriotism only when they themselves are true patriots — not in name or word, but in action. True patriotism is self-giving for a higher and nobler cause. When the American leaders become truly self-giving at every moment, then whatever they do and say for their country will be for the betterment and improvement of their country and not for the aggrandisement of their own ego either consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously. At this time, American leaders without fail will foster true patriotism in others. Patriotism in the purest sense of the term will be injected into the heart of the entire American nation. For every action of theirs will be a conscious, constant self-giving to expand, enlarge and illumine the consciousness of America for America's sake and not for the glorification of any individual.