Question: From Heaven does a great patriot see his offering as an offering to a country or to God in general?

Sri Chinmoy: From Heaven, when a great patriot observes his offering as an offering, he sees it as an offering first to God and then to the country. If he is in Heaven, the patriot is in the soul, in the soul's world. And no matter what the soul does, it always feels that it is acting for the Supreme. Furthermore, it always feels that it is the Supreme that is acting in and through it. The offering directly goes to the Supreme Pilot. Even if the Supreme Pilot is not invoked outwardly and soulfully by the patriot, even if he has feelings only for his country and does not offer anything to the Supreme, still from the country his offering will go to the right person: to the Supreme. No matter what he offers, no matter to whom he offers it, eventually it will go to the Source, the Supreme.