The Master's inner beings

Late one night a spiritual Master and two disciples were driving back home from a lecture in another city. As it was a long drive, the Master began speaking to the driver to help him stay awake.

"Time for spiritual Masters is different from time for ordinary seekers. When a seeker meditates for ten minutes in earthly time, he feels that he has meditated for ten hours. But spiritual Masters enter into earthbound time and expand it. In their case, this ten minutes is stretched into ten hours. The work that is normally done in ten hours we can do with our concentrated power in ten minutes. That is why we can accomplish many things at a time. When I meditate in the morning on my disciples, I meditate for two or three minutes on each disciple, but actually the power that I offer operates in him for two hours or for the whole day. This is the secret that spiritual Masters have."

"Master," the disciple who was driving said, "right now you are speaking to us. But isn't this the time you meditate on all your disciples?"

"My child, no matter what I am doing, I meditate constantly. When I was sixteen or seventeen one day I was writing a poem and, for the first time, I felt something inside me — something praying and meditating most soulfully for me. I said 'How is it? I am writing a poem and somebody, like a little child, is meditating on my behalf!' At first I thought that that being was not mine. Afterwards, I saw that it was mine and that I had many beings. They are all my children."

"What do these inner beings do, Master?" asked the other disciple.

The Master explained, "When I meditate, at that time I do things consciously, but when I am not meditating my representatives are doing things for me all the time. True, there is a difference between the boss doing something and the representatives doing something, but the representatives, in my case, are very powerful. Sometimes I do something, sometimes they do it.

"For many years we have been having meditations on specific nights at Centres in different parts of the world: one on Wednesday night, one on Saturday night, a third on another night. For the Wednesday night meditation, for example, earlier in the day — in the morning or in the afternoon — I meditate on my disciples in that Centre and then I hold the concentrated power in the Universal Consciousness. When the time comes for their meditation, it is released. But if I don't have an opportunity to do this, my inner beings will do it on my behalf; they will do real meditation for me."

The driver asked, "So your inner beings are meditating on your disciples now, Master?"

"Yes, that is why I can sit here talking and cutting jokes with you so you don't fall asleep while driving. I have already sent out seven of my inner beings to meditate on each of my disciples. Actually, they are more than inner beings; they are my emissaries and they are working very hard and very well for me. Right now I can see one is meditating on Gopal, one on Uma and one has just returned from Lakshmi's house. Your mother has already been taken care of. So you can see that my inner beings are extremely efficient. They are feeding the disciples' souls on my behalf."

The Master smiled, "My inner beings are so faithful to me; they are so devoted. They have come into the world to serve me and they get a little peace, a little appreciation from me. Their appreciation is a smile. I smile and they get joy."

"Are they like human souls or are they like gods and goddesses?"

"Neither," the Master replied. "They are in between. We can call them beings."

"Master, when you are conscious of everything and meditating on the whole universe, at that time what happens to your beings?"

"They become very proud of me, my child. Today, when I was standing behind the podium during the lecture, at one point I noticed that they were extremely proud of me. They were seeing that I was playing with the Universal Consciousness like a toy. When I came down from the stage, although I was looking right in front of me, I could barely see anyone's soul because the souls appeared so small — tinier than insects. Then I caught all those who were sitting there and threw them into the Universal Consciousness. Sometimes I have a little fun and enjoy myself like that."

"When you meditate on our heart, Master, or your inner beings come and meditate on us, how can we be more conscious of what is happening?" asked the driver.

"Always try to open your heart and keep your heart open. This is the most effective way. Another way is by your heart's identification with what is most important, with what comes first in your life. If that most important thing is not your Master and your Master's mission, if it is your business or your studies, then you will be nowhere. But if you can identify with me and feel your identification with me in your heart, then you can easily become conscious of what is happening."

At this point the car rounded a corner and the Master's house came into view. The Master gave the two disciples a broad smile and then went into the house.