Question: Here on earth are we hosts or guests?

Sri Chinmoy: We are both. When we embark on our life's journey, we enter into the heart of Mother-Earth and give her what we have. Out of her infinite compassion, Mother-Earth takes upon herself all the good and bad qualities — mostly bad qualities — that we offer to her. She does not remain aloof. She takes all the suffering and negative, destructive qualities that we offer to her and then gives them to God the Father. So at that time Mother-Earth is the host and we are the guests.

But as we develop spiritually by virtue of our aspiration and dedication we gradually change roles. As we pray and meditate, we receive light from Above in boundless measure and enter into the higher worlds. At that time we start playing the role of hosts. Spiritual Masters of the highest order are always hosts. Once we have started playing the role of hosts, we do not become guests anymore so long as we are on earth.

Then, after playing our role on earth satisfactorily, we enter into Heaven and becomes guests again. Divine peace, light, bliss, power and all the other highest divine realities become our hosts. We enter into them to receive from them more light, more affection, more blessings — high, higher, highest dreams from Heaven.