Question: How can one bring spirituality into politics?

Sri Chinmoy: Right now politics and spirituality are like night and day. But that is not the fault of politics. It is because the politicians are not dealing properly with politics. Let us take politics as a knife. Right now bad people are using the knife to stab and kill others. But if good people use the knife, they will cut fruits and share them with others. Spirituality is wisdom; if we can bring spirituality into politics, then politics will be used in the right way.

It is very easy to dislike some politicians because at every second they are trying to fool us. Even when they are sincere, at times they may not know what they are talking about. And if they do not know what they are talking about, then what are we going to learn from them? If the teacher does not know the subject, then how can the student learn from the teacher?

But spiritual people have to have patience and, more than anything else, humility. Even though some politicians enjoy falsehood at every second, we are not going to illumine them by breaking their heads. No! It is only through utmost humility, sincere humility, that spiritual people will be able to illumine them. We will not try to break their heads; we will try to touch their hearts

If spiritual people cannot mix with politicians on a spiritual or psychic level, if they cannot bring the politicians into their hearts, then they have to touch the feet of the politicians. They cannot go to politicians as princes or commanders, saying, "We have the light!" The politicians will not respond to them. Spiritual people have to act like a mother who knows that her child needs milk. If the child is unruly and not listening to the mother, the mother goes to the child and begs the child to drink because she knows he needs the milk badly.

Politicians need light badly, and it is the bounden duty of spiritual people to help politicians see their own inner light. This cannot be done on a political or a mental level; it can be done only psychically To start with, that means we have to kindle the flame of aspiration inside the hearts of the politicians with utmost simplicity, modesty and humility.