Editor's foreword to the first edition

The stories in this volume were originally told to his students and disciples by the great Indian spiritual Master, Sri Chinmoy Kumar Ghose. Although composed in the twentieth century and addressed to a Western audience, their significance is timeless and universal. Beneath the seeming simplicity of these candid and charming tales lies the profoundest insight into man's inner nature, his eternal relationship with his spiritual Master, and the conflicts which impede the realisation of his aspiration.

As in his more formal philosophical writing, the Master here presents the highest truth in the most direct and compelling form, not only engaging and fulfilling the mind, but also awakening the heart's inner joy.

The relevance of the Guru's message of Love, Devotion, and Surrender for the turbulent society of today is strikingly demonstrated by the rapid growth of Sri Chinmoy Centres throughout the world. In the United States and Canada, Europe and the Far East, spiritual seekers of all ages and backgrounds have been drawn by the radiant light of his unparalleled Realisation to become the Master's steadfast devotees and disciples. The peace and joy which have transformed their lives can now be discovered and shared by the readers of this volume of Sri Chinmoy's inspired and inspiring stories.