Father, you are my best gift

There was a villager who had four children. Once he had to go to the city. He asked his children what they would like him to bring them from the city. His eldest son said that he wanted a football. The next youngest one said he would like to have a kite, and the third one said he would like to have a toy. The fourth, being the youngest, said,

"Father, I don't want to get anything from you. I do not need anything. I only want you. I want you only. You are my best gift. Come back as soon as possible."

Now the father went to the city to do his own work, and he did not forget to bring the football, the kite, and the toy for his elder children. When he returned he brought the gifts in, and as soon as he entered the house he called out to the servant. His servant came and stood before the master, and the master gave the three presents to him and said,

"Now you give these presents to my children. He who wanted the football will get the football; he who wanted the kite will get the kite; and the one who wanted the toy will get it."

Then the father ran towards the youngest child and embraced him and blessed him. The other three children ran towards their father and said,

"Father, how is it that you are not coming to us? You want to see only the youngest."

The father said, "Well my children, you didn't want me. He wanted me. You wanted to have gifts, so I brought you your gifts. I sent your gifts through my servant. This child, my youngest and sweetest child, wants me only, so I come to him and not to you."

Now, coming back to the real world, I am your spiritual Father, and when I go away some of you will say, "This time when Guru comes back he will be nicer, sweeter, and more understanding. He will give us joy, peace, and concern." Some of you will think that I am going to bring back joy, while others will be thinking, "He will be nicer to us." Still others will think that I will feed them wonderful news.

There will be another group, you can call it the fourth or best category of disciples, who will only want me to come back, who will want me only. They will not need anything from me. Of course when the Master comes back, naturally the Master will give joy, light, peace, and bliss to all. Those who expect something may get what they want, but those who want the Master only will naturally get him. Something more — they will get all that the Master has and all that the Master is.