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There was an American lady who wanted to go to India. She was extremely spiritual. However, she thought that only in India would she meet her Guru, her Master. For twenty long years she had saved her money, and when she had amassed a considerable sum she was ready to go to India.

She bought her ticket. On the eve of her departure an angel came to her in her dream and said to her, "You fool, do not go to India. Your Master is here in America. Do not go. Tomorrow at eleven o'clock in the morning he will knock at your door and you will receive him with all your heart's love, devotion, and surrender." She believed the message of this angel.

The following day the Master did knock at her door. He came in, and she was completely thrilled. She was overjoyed to see her Guru. The Master's face was radiating with divine, celestial Light, Peace, and Power.

Now the first thing the lady did was to bow down to the Master and offer him the money that she had been saving to spend in India. Secondly she said, "Here is the ticket, for I am not going to India. I will get the money refunded and will offer you this whole amount. You are my Master, and I am most grateful that you have come to me and that I do not have to go to India in search of my Master."

The Master was a bit sad. The lady could not account for it. She said, "Master, why are you so sad? I am not going to India and I have offered you all my money."

The Master said, "If you don't please me, how can I be satisfied?"

She said, "What more can I do? I am giving you all my joy. I am seventy years old, and all the joy that I have received in my life I am offering to you: all my joy, all my divine qualities. I prayed to God for so many years and if I deserve any merit from my prayers and meditations, I wish to offer you the fruits of all my prayers and meditations."

The Master again showed a sad face, and the lady said, "Master, what can I do? I have already given you all my merits, my divine qualities. I have given them all to you. What I have, I have given you. Now if I have bad qualities, undivine qualities, which I undoubtedly have, if you want me to give them to you, then I am ready. My jealousy, my fear, my hatred of certain people, all my undivine qualities also I have given you. I am now integrally whole. I have given you everything I possess. What I have and what I am I have given you."

But still the Master showed a sad face. She said, "What more can I give you? I have given you what I have, what I am; now what else do you want? How can I make you happy?"

The Master said, "Go deep within, then you will be able to make me happy."

She thought and thought, and she meditated for some time, and then said, "Oh Master, I have come to know how I can make you most happy. I have come from you and I am entering into you. I came from your Infinite Source, and I am again entering into the Eternal Source."

Immediately the Master gave the sweetest smile, the most divine smile.

"You have understood, and you have made me truly happy. You said, 'I came from you. I am entering back into you.' When the disciple has this kind of realisation, then the Master and the disciple become one. The Master and the disciple become part and parcel of each other: one body, one heart, one soul."

I came from you, I am entering into you, I am yours.

This was the great realisation the seeker had, and the Master accepted her wholeheartedly. He said, "You are now my true disciple."