The coffee shop14

It seems that everywhere I go, people recognise me. Today I went into Manhattan with Vinaya to buy some saris. Garima was also with us. At one point we went into a coffee shop, and I asked Garima to get me a grilled cheese and a piece of pizza.

The restaurant was worse than the worst, darker than the darkest. We only stopped there because I was so hungry. The first floor was very narrow and seated only three or four persons, so I went upstairs to see if there were any empty seats.

Two young girls were eating there. As soon as they saw me, one of them said, “Sri Chinmoy is here.”

The other girl said, “Oh, Sri Chinmoy wouldn’t come here!”

I smiled at the one who recognised me.

The grilled cheese Garima got was very bad, and the pizza she didn’t buy because she didn’t understand my English. So we went across the street to an Indian restaurant, Delhi Palace. They were so fast. It didn’t take them ten minutes to bring our food.

LS 149. 12 February 1987