Unknown in Jamaica16

On our Christmas trip in South America, people often recognised me on the street. In one store, the owner said, “My friend, I saw you on television.” But his wife didn’t believe that I was his friend.

On another occasion, I went looking for flutes with Saraswati. She went into one shop and when she came back to the car, a young girl came running out of the shop just to see me.

But at an Indian store here in Jamaica, the saleslady did not know me at all. When I went inside, she asked me, “Are you with the Hare Krishna movement?”

I said, “No, I have my own.”

She said, “You?”

I told her my name but she had not heard it before. She said, “Oh no, I know only about Hare Krishna.”

The store was right here in Jamaica, and she did not know me! Databir was one hundred per cent sure that he had a brochure about me in his car, but he could not find it. So what could I do?

LS 151. 12 June 1987