Two nice persons24

Yesterday I went to a store that sells medallions and trophies. This was my second visit there. The owner knows all about us because we always buy prizes for our marathons from him. His name is Joe.

I bought seven or eight trophies and some small medallions. I also bought a trophy for Databir because he had stood first in our tennis competition.

The bill came to $45. I said, “How can it be so low? I could never buy so many things from any other store for this price!”

Joe said, “It is because I have a soft heart for Sri Chinmoy.”

I said, “All right, your soft heart has touched my soft heart.” So instead of $45, I gave him $70, since 7 is one of my lucky numbers.

The man wanted to know how I could jump from $45 to $70, but I forced him to take the $70. Then he told me that since he is Catholic, one of the disciples had promised to give him a picture of me with the Pope. I said, “I will make sure that he keeps his promise.”

See how two persons can be nice!

LS 159. 30 October 1987