Another George Bernard Shaw29

I went into a bookstore that sold many spiritual books. I was very happy to see some books written by friends of mine in India, so I got four or five books.

At the counter I appreciated the bookstore like anything. Then I had to become another George Bernard Shaw: I had to ask if they had any books by Sri Chinmoy.

The man at the counter said, “Yes, there are many books by Sri Chinmoy.” Then he took me to one of the shelves, but none of my books were there. He said, “Definitely they were there.”

He said they sell my books, but that they were out of stock. He told me they get my books from India.

Then I introduced myself and said, “You don’t get them from India. Our Aum Publications sells them.”

They were so moved to meet me and asked for my autograph.

LS 164. 4 December 1987