The silent Brahma36

In some stores the people are nice; they are ready to bargain. In other stores, whatever price they say is all they will take — finished!

In one store I was bargaining and bargaining. The man in the store would write down one price, but I did not understand his writing, so I would write down another price. It never ended. Finally I bought two items and left.

Then I decided to go back and buy a third item — a T-shirt for Raghu. I said to myself, “I am not going to bargain this time. Whatever price the man asks for, I will give.”

The man said, “5,000 rupiah.”

I became the silent Brahma and said, “All right.”

The man couldn’t believe his ears. When I gave him 5,000, he returned 2,000 to me. That was a nice experience.

LS 171. 2 January 1988