The disciple40

Another day I was looking at wristwatches. On that day I was carrying two heavy bags.

Baoul was waiting for me in the car at a particular place. I could see him, but he didn’t see me, so I had to carry the bags myself.

A man came up to me and asked, “Are you Sri Chinmoy?”

I said, “Yes.”

He said, “I came to one of your Wednesday meetings. It was so powerful.” Then he started telling me all about his Guru while I was standing holding the heavy bags.

He said, “I was initiated by my Guru. Now he has passed away.”

I said, “Your Guru has left successors. You should follow his successors.”

He said, “My Guru taught me Kundalini Yoga. But I don’t get anything from his successors.”

I said, “I don’t teach Kundalini Yoga.”

He said, “Do you think you could take me faster?”

I said, “You have been initiated by your Guru. Now he is the one to take you.”

For ten minutes I talked to him, all the time holding my heavy bags. Finally I said, “Your Guru is the right Guru for you.”

Then I carried the bags to Baoul’s car.

LS 40. 31 October 1982