The egg salad sandwich23

In Victoria, while the running portion of our triathlon was going on, we went into a restaurant and I asked for an egg salad sandwich.

In the sandwich there were small pieces of cabbage and a lot of mayonnaise, but very little egg. I showed it to Alo and said, “Look! I told them to give me egg salad, and there is hardly any egg here.”

Alo said, “This is better than what they give you at Annam Brahma.”

I said, “What is wrong with Annam Brahma?”

She said, “Once, after John became the manager of Annam Brahma about twelve years ago, he gave Robert an egg salad sandwich. Robert said, ‘I asked for egg salad. There is no egg in this!’

“John said, ‘Don’t you know? Inside the mayonnaise is the egg.’”

Alo was justifying her Canada by saying that at least there was a little bit of egg in my sandwich.

LS 66. 3 August 1983