Buying rasgulla26

I went to buy rasgulla today to give for prasad. It used to be my favourite Indian sweet. I also wanted eight or ten samosas. The people at the store were shylocks. They charged me $75.83 for the sweets. When I gave the lady $75, she said, “Eighty-three cents more.”

I said, “Eighty-three cents?”

She said, “My boss will not allow me to give any discount.”

I said to myself, “They do not deserve it!” So I took back the $75 and turned to go out of the store.

Then the lady said, “Oh, have a nice day. Please come!” Then she gave it to me for $75.

Can you imagine what her name was? Amita! I couldn’t believe it. Amita is a Bengali name. How did she get it, since she was Gujarati?

The Korean store is far better. In the morning I got some hair and food items from the Koreans. I bought quite a few things from them. There the bill came to $65. I didn’t bargain with them because they had already given me a discount.

When I gave them $65, they said, “We will only charge you $64, and no tax.”

I said, “You keep the dollar.”

The Koreans were far better.

LS 69. 19 September 1983