My Lord Supreme,
When I devotedly pray
and soulfully meditate,
I can clearly see that my life is
an open book to You.
But alas, no matter how hard I try
to know about
Your earthly life and Heavenly life,
I sadly fail.
Therefore I am begging You to be kind to me
And share some of Your secrets.

“My child,
I shall comply with your request
But I do not know whether My secrets
Will make you happy or unhappy.
Anyway, I leave it up to you.

“My secret number one:
Each time your desiring mind
Defeats your aspiring heart,
I cry and cry.

“My secret number two:
When you dine with your mind-doubts
And starve your heart-faith,
I cry and cry.

“My secret number three:
Each time you do not allow your heart
To fulfil its Heaven-climbing promises,
I cry and cry.

“My secret number four:
Each time you do not allow your soul to fulfil
Its Heaven-manifesting promises on earth,
I cry and cry.

“My secret number five:
When your life-boat plies
Between your depression-vital-shore
And your frustration-mind-shore,
I cry and cry.

“My secret number six:
When you become the most intimate friend
Of your body’s idleness
and your mind’s unwillingness,
I cry and cry.

My Lord Supreme,
I don’t know why I suddenly feel so tired
and sleepy.
It seems that You have literally
endless secrets.

“Yes, my child.
I do.”

Then, my Lord,
Some other day
I shall definitely hear more of Your secrets.

“My child, My child, wait, wait.
Only one more secret I wish to share with you
Before you fall asleep.

“This time, I am blessing you with My topmost secret:
You are My Today’s Self-Transcendence-Dream
And My Tomorrow’s Self-Perfection-Satisfaction-Reality.

My Lord Supreme,
I am fast asleep.
I cannot hear You anymore.

“My child, I am still fully awake.
I shall do everything for you.
You enjoy your sweet sleep.”
Sri Chinmoy, My Lord Supreme, I am falling asleep, Perfection-Glory, Augsburg, Germany, 1992