One-Pointed Consciousness

One-pointed consciousness is the manifestation of one-pointed will. One-pointed will is the manifestation of God's one-pointed Concern. One-pointed Concern is God's unconditional and unreserved Compassion. When God's Compassion descends to the bottom rung of the ladder, we see God's oneness with the obscure, impure, undivine, unaspiring humanity.

One-pointed consciousness means our total surrender to the Will of God. One-pointed consciousness can be achieved through aspiration, constant inner strength, inner will and inner poise. One-pointed consciousness we can get only when we expect nothing from the outer world and everything from God. If God wants, He can give us His inner wealth Himself or He can give it to us through another seeker whom He uses as His instrument. But no human being in and of himself can fulfil us; only the divinity within can fulfil us.