The judge's punishment

An innocent man went to a church. While he was taking his seat, he made a lot of noise. The priest was furious because the man was disturbing others who were praying around him. The priest came up to the man and said, "How could you make so much noise?"

The man said, "I could not avoid it. I stumbled, and that is why I made the noise."

The priest said, "You have ruined the prayers of so many sincere seekers! I am taking you to the judge immediately. The judge will punish you!"

The man said, "If I have done something wrong, I will accept whatever punishment I deserve."

The priest took the man to the judge and explained what had happened. Then the priest went back to the church.

The judge was furious. He said, "How could you disturb the prayers of so many seekers? You should be punished."

The man said, "I know I have committed a crime. Whatever punishment you give me, I will take."

The judge said, "You have to give fifty cents."

The man said, "I do not have fifty cents. I have only one dollar."

The judge said, "You have to give exactly fifty cents. I do not have change."

The man said, "I do not have any change either."

Finally the judge said, "All right. Listen, fellow. Give me the dollar. Now go back to the church and again make noise. Fifty cents extra you have given me. Since I do not have change, you will be allowed to make noise once again. You have got my permission. If the priest says anything, tell him that you have got my permission to make noise once more." The judge was so kind.