The policemen

Four policemen were playing cards at the police station. They had nothing else to do. They were enjoying their card game, and they played for a long time. Then they became bored. All of them started complaining, “Life is so boring! For the whole week, there have been no fights, no murders, no accidents — nothing, nothing, nothing. We have had absolutely nothing to do. Sometimes when we have nothing to do, we enjoy relaxing. But now it has gone on for so many days that we feel restless.”

The captain overheard their conversation and said, “Wait, wait! Human nature never changes. In a day or two, once again we will have to rush to save people.”

As soon as the captain finished speaking, the phone started ringing. Then one calamity after another started taking place. Somewhere there was a burglary. Somewhere someone was murdered. Somewhere a gang was fighting. The phone did not stop ringing.

The captain said, “Look, I told you, human nature will never change. So let us rush, let us run to do the needful.”

So all the policemen went in various directions to attend to their urgent duties. The captain was so wise: human nature never changes. That is why it is always compared with the tail of a dog. You can hold the tail and try to straighten it. But as soon as you release it, it curls.