When friends become rivals

This story is about two friends who were also great rivals. One moment they were friends, the next moment they were rivals and the following moment they became worse than the worst enemies. When they were friends, they would invite each other to go shopping and do various things together. At such times, they were in the seventh Heaven of oneness-delight. But at other times, they would display their rivalry. One would invite ten of his friends to his house, including his worst rival, and then he would give them an excellent feast. Everybody would appreciate and admire the host. Then his rival would burn with jealousy. A few days later this rival would invite thirty of his friends and show off by offering them a superlative banquet.

So in this way their rivalry went on. Then when rivalry descended into enmity, they could not even walk along the same street. Plus each one would hire people to speak ill of the other.

Once one of them went even further. He said, “I have to punish this fellow. He is unbearable. I am absolutely sick of him.”

He went to the market and saw a man who was selling monkeys. Then a brilliant idea flashed across his forehead. He said to the monkey seller, “I want to buy the most dynamic, mischievous and powerful monkey that you have. No matter what price you ask, I will immediately give it to you.”

So he bought the most powerful and destructive monkey that was available and took it away with him. By then it was evening. Both the rivals had huge gardens with all kinds of flowers and fruits. He entered into his friend’s garden and let the monkey loose. The rival’s servant saw him, screamed and started chasing him. Then he saw that it was his master’s friend, so he did not pursue the chase and afterwards he did not create any commotion or sensation.

In a day or two this monkey had destroyed all the flowers, plants and tender fruits in the garden. The owner was miserable. He knew who was responsible for this destruction. Meanwhile, the neighbours were afraid that this monkey would enter into their gardens and do the same. So the owner of the garden said, “Why should we all suffer? I will show him. Tit for tat!”

He went to the market and approached the same monkey dealer. He said, “Give me the strongest, most powerful, most dynamic and most aggressive monkey that you have. I will pay you a very high price for it.” So he bought a very large and frightening monkey at a high price. Then he took the monkey and let it loose in the garden of his rival. In a very short time, this monkey destroyed everything inside the garden.

Now both the rivals were happy and miserable at the same time. They were happy because the other one’s garden was completely ruined and sad that their own garden had also been ruined. In the meantime, the neighbours of both parties were afraid that their own beautiful gardens would be ruined by these wild monkeys. So the neighbours went to the village chief and lodged a serious complaint against both parties.

The village chief summoned the two rivals and accused them of using the monkeys to destroy each other’s gardens. In the beginning both of them denied the charge. They claimed that they knew nothing about the monkeys.

Then the village chief became furious. He said, “Tell the truth! Otherwise I will put you into jail!” Then both of them confessed that they were the culprits.

The village chief said, “Now you will hear my judgement. First of all, I am sending for the monkey dealer.” The monkey dealer arrived and stood before the village chief. Then the village chief said, “This is my final judgement. They will return the monkeys to you. You can keep them under control. But they have to pay you a very high price to take them back.”

Everybody was shocked. The two culprits had already bought the monkeys. They had paid once. Now they were being asked to pay a second time. What is more, the chief said to the monkey dealer, “You may set the price as high as possible.”

The monkey dealer said, “Four hundred rupees for each one.”

The chief was very happy and said to the two rivals, “Return your monkeys to him. Then four hundred rupees each one will pay because you have been so bad. These monkeys are animals, but I wish to say that you two are man-monkeys.”

So the punishment was that the two rivals had to return their monkeys plus pay a penalty. Usually when you buy something and you return it, you get your money back, but here they had to return the monkeys plus pay a high price as punishment. When people are bad, this kind of karma they incur and then they suffer. So be careful! If you are dealing with your inner monkeys, you will reap serious consequences!

Sri Chinmoy, Life’s bleeding tears and flying smiles, part 10.First published by Agni Press in 2001.

This is the 1390th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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