Writing to God for money

There was a poor villager who was absolutely in dire straits. He needed money desperately, but nobody would give him any money. They would not even loan him money, so he was miserable. One day he wrote a letter to God about his sad plight. He took the letter to the post office and mailed it. There was no address on the envelope. It had only one word: God.

The postmaster said, “What am I going to do with this letter?” So he took it to the prime minister. The prime minister said, “I am not God. I am not authorised to open up the letter. But something has to be done, since I am the prime minister.”

Then he asked the king whether the letter should be opened up or not. The king said, “Yes, you must open it and see what is written there.”

The prime minister was quite happy that with the king’s permission he could open up the letter. The letter read, “I am a very poor man. Nobody is here to help me. Dear God, will You not give me twenty rupees?”

The king was highly amused and the prime minister was also amused by this innocent request. The king said to the prime minister, “Only twenty rupees? Just add one more zero and send it.”

The poor villager had put his return address on the letter. So the prime minister put two hundred rupees inside an envelope and sent it to him.

The poor man was very, very happy to receive this blessing-gift from God, but he noticed the prime minister’s return address was on the envelope. So he wrote another letter to God. This time he said, “Dear God, I am so grateful to You for the money. Whenever I need money, I will write to You, but please do not involve the government because I am sure they will take some commission.”