The spiritual Master's burden

A spiritual Master had many, many disciples. When old age descended upon him, he became extremely frail. His disciples were worrying and worrying! “O God,” they cried, “We have such a great and good spiritual Master. Do not allow him to die. We do not want to lose our beloved Master.”

They were all begging the spiritual Master, “Please take some medicine to improve your health.”

The spiritual Master would not take any medicine. He said, “My time has come. I do not want to take any more medicine. If it is God’s Will for me to leave this body, then I am fully prepared. If I continue to live on earth, then I will have to take the burden of so many people. But when I die, only four men will have to take my burden. I am very, very sorry for those four men who will have to bear my burden.”

The disciples asked, “Why are you saying that only four people will have to take care of you? There are so many people here who are extremely devoted to you. We will all take care of you if anything happens to you.” Then they all started crying.

The spiritual Master said, “I do not need all of you. I need only four people.”

The disciples could not fathom why their Master was making a special point of saying four people. Finally, the Master said, “You fools, when I die, my coffin will be carried by only four men. I am feeling sorry for them because they will have to carry my lifeless body to the burial ground. Here on earth I took the burden of so many people. But when I die, only four men will have to bear my burden.”