The kindhearted neighbour

There were two friends. One of them borrowed ten rupees from the other and promised that on a certain date he would return the money. But when the time came, he did not return the money. Time after time when the other fellow went to his friend's place to get back the money, the friend's wife would say, "He is not at home."

The friend was actually inside the house, but the wife would come to the door and say, "He is not at home. Sorry! Please come some other time."

This fellow was so disappointed. He said, "He was my good friend, but now he is not returning my money. What kind of friendship is this?"

A kindhearted neighbour knew that the wife was telling lies. He knew that the man was hiding inside, so he got angry at the family. He said to the wife, "The next time this fellow comes, I am going to tell him that your husband is inside. Then he will go in and catch your husband, and your husband will have to give the money."

The wife begged him, "No, no! Please, please do not do that!"

The neighbour said to the wife, "Whenever your husband's friend comes here, if you do not give me a rupee, then I am going to tell him that your husband is inside the house. Just give me one rupee. Otherwise, if this fellow comes here and I know your husband is inside the house, I am going to tell him the truth!"

From then on, every time the friend came, the wife would tell him that her husband was not at home, and then she would give the neighbour a rupee. The friend came many times, and each time the wife said that her husband was not there. Finally, the wife felt miserable, because the neighbour had received more than ten rupees. The husband did not know that his stupid wife was giving the neighbour a rupee not to tell the friend that the husband was inside the house.

A few months later, the fellow who had borrowed the money came upon his friend unexpectedly in the street. He said, "When you come to my place, I promise I will give you back your ten rupees."

The friend said, "I have already got back the money."

"When?" the first one asked. "When did you get it?"

The friend said, "Every time I went to your house and your wife said that you were not there, your neighbour compelled your wife to give him a rupee. Now I have got back all ten rupees from your neighbour!"