A moment of Brahma's time

There was a great devotee of Brahma. He had been praying and praying for years to Brahma. Brahma was very pleased with his devotion, and so Brahma appeared before him.

This devotee said to Brahma, “Lord, why are you so unkind to me? It has taken so many years for you to come to me. How hard I have been trying to please you so that I can have my desires fulfilled!”

Brahma replied, “My son, for you it has been years and years. For me, it has been only a matter of a moment, a second. Our one second is equivalent to your thirty or forty years or even more. So, what can I tell you?”

The devotee said, “O Brahma, in that case, please tell me, one rupee of yours will be equivalent to how many rupees of ours? Since your one second is our thirty or forty years, then for your one rupee, how many rupees will we get on earth?”

“Millions and billions of rupees,” said Brahma, “but, unfortunately, I never thought that you would ask me for money. Because you have been praying to me so sincerely and I am a spiritual being, I thought you would ask me for spiritual things.”

The devotee said, “O Brahma, can you do me a favour? I shall wait for you here, if you go back to your abode and bring me a large amount of money.”

Brahma smiled and said, “Fine, my son, fine! Kindly wait here. I shall come back in a moment!”

The devotee was filled with happiness that in a moment Brahma would return with millions of rupees.

Now, Brahma was gone and it was taking him years and years to return, because Brahma’s moment was equal to so many years of earthly time. Brahma was taking his own time to make the fellow rich. So the poor fellow was waiting and waiting in vain for Brahma’s return.