Two impossible fools

There were two real friends. Each one had one servant. One day the friends were talking to each other and they said, “Let us have a competition to see which of our servants is the worse or the better of the two.”

As it happened, both the friends were blessed with impossible fools for servants. Fortunately, the fools did not mind that their bosses used to make fun of them.

The first friend said to his servant, “I am giving you a rupee. Please go and buy the most beautiful, most expensive diamond from the jewellery store.”

The fool immediately said, “Easily.” He agreed to go at once.

Now the other friend said to his servant, “Please go and see if I am walking in my garden.”

The garden was at least a mile away from the house and the boss was inside the house with the servant when he gave the order. But this fool rushed away to see whether his master was walking in the garden.

So one servant went to buy a diamond with one rupee and the other one went to see if his master was in the garden. On the way, they met each other.

The first fool said, “My master is so proud of me. Today I am going to the market, and there I will buy a very nice diamond for him.”

The second fool said, “My master is so proud of me. I am sure I will be able to find him in his garden.”

Both of them were so proud of themselves.

After some time they came back to their respective masters. The first one said, “Master, you always make fun of me. Today I am making fun of you!”

At first the master pretended that he was very angry. He said, “You? Then try.”

The first servant went on, “Master, I went to the market to buy you a diamond, and all the people were laughing at me because today is Sunday. Why did you send me on Sunday? You knew that the shops would be closed. Otherwise, I could easily have bought the diamond for you. But they were all laughing at me because you had sent me on Sunday.” That was the wisdom of the first fool.

The second servant went to the garden to search for his master. There he saw somebody else walking, but it was not his master. This man said to him, “What kind of master do you have? He is such a fool. You tell your master on my behalf that he is a fool! He is now at home. How can you find him in his garden?”

This fool came back and said, “Master, every time you make fun of me. Today I am making fun of you. Somebody has told me that you are here. Since you are here, how can you be in the garden?”

Both the masters were so pleased with their servants. They said, “All right, we agree that both of you have now become extremely wise.” Then the servants started laughing and laughing.

The two masters said, “Since you have both passed your examinations, we shall look for brides for you. We shall find a suitable girl for each of you. We will be responsible. We need some relaxation and enjoyment. We will find two girls who will be of your type to keep us happy.”

Sri Chinmoy, Life’s bleeding tears and flying smiles, part 6.First published by Agni Press in 2001.

This is the 1384th book that Sri Chinmoy has written since he came to the West, in 1964.


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