The father's sacrifice

An old man became very sick. His son was a doctor. The son gave medicine to his father, but he could not cure him. The father was dying, and the mother was absolutely miserable. The mother said, “Alas, our son is not a good doctor. Let us find another doctor.”

It happened that a good doctor from another village heard about the illness of the old man. This doctor came to see the old man and told him, “I will be able to cure you.”

The mother said, “Please, please, cure my husband!”

The father was extremely sick, but he immediately jumped up and said, “No, no! I am feeling better. My son is giving me medicine and I am getting well. Soon I will be completely all right and I will be able to move around. You are so kind, extremely kind. If I really feel sick, I will definitely call you. You are so generous and so kind.”

The doctor said, “All right. When you need me, you can send for me.” Then he went back to his own village.

The mother said to her husband, “What have you done? What have you done?”

The father said, “You fool! If people from our village come to know that this doctor has cured me, then they will all go to him and not to our son. His business will prosper like anything, and our son will have no job. Our son will be in poverty. How can I allow that? It is better for me to die. I am ready to give up my life.”

Then he said to his son, “Please, please, become a good doctor. Study more, practise more. I am giving up my life for you.”

The mother was crying and crying because her husband was about to leave the world.

After begging his son to become a very good doctor, the father died. The mother was so miserable that she had lost her husband. Look at the father’s sacrifice for the son!