One smart dog for sale

There were two friends. One friend was very rich. The other one was not so rich. His name was Abhoy. The one who had money-power was extremely haughty. He thought that he could buy the whole world with his money-power.

Abhoy told him again and again, “Do not be so cocksure. You cannot buy everything.”

But the rich friend insisted, “I can buy anything.”

One day both of them were going to the market separately and they met on the way. Abhoy was not actually poor, but in comparison to his rich friend, he seemed poor. Anyway, Abhoy had a dog. The dog was very nice-looking and very, very smart.

Abhoy’s rich friend said, “Your dog is so nice and smart. Can I not buy it?”

Abhoy said, “Yes, you can buy it.”

The rich friend offered him two hundred rupees, but Abhoy said, “Two hundred rupees? How can I sell you my dog for two hundred paltry rupees?”

The rich friend answered, “I have offered you more than enough. Now hand over the dog.”

Abhoy said, “No. This is my most faithful dog. I am not going to sell it for even one paisa less than seven hundred rupees.”

In India, seven hundred rupees is like seven hundred dollars. The rich man said, “Seven hundred rupees for your dog! Who wants to buy your dog for seven hundred rupees?”

Abhoy said, “Then you do not have to buy it. Am I asking you to buy my dog? You were the one who was eager to buy my dog.”

The rich friend said, “Be reasonable. I have offered you two hundred rupees, which is more than enough.”

Abhoy said, “I am extremely reasonable. I am always reasonable. I can easily sell this dog for seven hundred rupees.”

The rich friend said, “I will give you two hundred rupees if you can sell the dog to anybody for seven hundred rupees.”

Abhoy said, “Two hundred rupees you will give me? All right. I will sell my dog, and you will be the witness. Then you have to give me two hundred rupees.”

The rich friend said, “When did I ever tell you a lie? I will definitely give you two hundred rupees if you can sell this silly dog for seven hundred.”

The two of them went to the market and Abhoy led the way to his uncle’s pet shop. Inside was a cage containing several most beautiful parrots. Abhoy said to the owner, “Uncle, uncle, your parrots are so beautiful! I have never seen such beautiful birds in my life. Where did you get them from?”

Then Abhoy and his uncle started talking about the history of the parrots, their markings and so on. At last Abhoy said, “I think you should get at least three hundred and fifty rupees for each parrot.”

His uncle looked at him. “How will I get three hundred and fifty rupees?” he asked. “Who will buy a bird for three hundred and fifty rupees?”

Abhoy said, “Why do you have to sell them at a cheaper price? They are such beautiful birds. I tell you, someone should buy each one for three hundred and fifty rupees. All right, since I am so fond of these birds, I would like to buy the two birds from you. Will you sell them to me for seven hundred rupees?”

His uncle got the shock of his life. He immediately said, “Why not? Where can I find another person who will pay this price?” He was eager to sell them at that very moment.

Before Abhoy gave his uncle the money, he said, “There is one condition. If I buy your birds for seven hundred rupees, are you going to buy my dog for seven hundred rupees? My dog is so smart and healthy.”

His uncle at once agreed. He said, “I like your dog very much. I will definitely buy it for seven hundred rupees. I deeply appreciate your dog.”

Then Abhoy said, “Now let us exchange. I will give you my seven hundred rupees because I liked your birds first.”

So he gave seven hundred rupees to his uncle and his uncle gave him the two birds. Abhoy was so pleased. Then he said, “Now you have to keep your promise. You are supposed to buy my dog.”

“Certainly,” said his uncle. “I really like this dog.”

The uncle took the dog and returned the seven hundred rupees to Abhoy.

Meanwhile, the rich friend had observed the entire exchange. He saw that Abhoy had fulfilled the terms of their agreement.

Abhoy said to his friend, “Since I was able to sell my dog for seven hundred rupees, now give me your two hundred rupees.”

The rich friend had to agree that he had lost the bet.

This was not the end of the story. The funniest thing is that after the transaction was completed and Abhoy was going home with the two birds, his dog started following him. Abhoy’s uncle was chasing it, crying, “Now I am your owner. You have to stay with me. Come back!”

Abhoy said to his uncle, “I am telling you, you are now the rightful owner. I am not denying it. But what am I going to do? You take your dog and go home.”

But the dog did not want to go with the new owner.

Abhoy said, “What am I going to do now? You take it. I have absolutely no objection. You have paid me for it.”

Then he said, “All right, I tell you frankly, your two birds are not worth even fifty rupees, but I am generous. I will give you one hundred rupees for the birds and keep my dog.”

Abhoy gave one hundred rupees for the two birds and said, “Now we are all happy. I have the birds, you have one hundred rupees and I have my dog back.”