My dire horoscope prediction

When I was three years old, my horoscope was drawn up for the second time by the village astrologer. There he predicted that as an infant I would die in water. Everybody in the family was so shocked and upset. My cousin Pushpita, who is almost the same age as my brother Chitta, was the one to do something about it. That same day she took me to our nearest pond.

In Chittagong villages, we have a superstition that if you eat a live fish you will be able to learn to swim very easily. So, first of all, she gave me a tiny fish to swallow. I put it in my mouth and, with great difficulty, I managed to swallow it. I suffered a lot, but I really wanted to learn to swim, so I gladly obeyed her.

Then my cousin put me on her back and she began swimming around in the pond. I was holding onto her and moving my legs. In a few minutes I learnt how to do frog-kick. After we had practised for some time, we came out of the water. My cousin lifted me onto her shoulder and carried me home to my mother. She was so happy and delighted with my progress.

My poor mother had been very frightened by my horoscope prediction, but my cousin was able to convince her that I would not die if I was thrown into the water because I knew how to swim.

In spite of my cousin's sincere attempt to cancel my fate, my horoscope prediction was almost infallible.