A traumatic experience in my life

In our village, the children played a special game called danguli. Each person has two sticks, a big stick and a small stick. With the big stick, you have to strike the small one in such a way that it goes high into the air. Then you use the big stick to strike the little stick a second time so that it goes towards the opposing team. If the little stick is caught by someone on the opposing team, you lose the game.

Once Mantu and I were playing that game with some other young boys. We were on opposing sides. Someone from my team hit the little stick in such a way that it struck Mantu a glancing blow on his left eye, and his eye began bleeding profusely. We were so frightened and shocked. We were afraid that he would be totally blind in that eye.

When we brought Mantu to our mother, she became hysterical. She saw so much blood pouring from his eye and she thought that he had lost his eye. Then the village doctor arrived. He found that the eye itself was not affected, even though the area around the eye was severely injured. So Mantu's sight was saved.

That frightening experience lasted in me for hours and hours because of my love for my brother and his love for me. It was such a traumatic experience in my life.