My bookworm-brothers

In our family, when I pinched my brothers or told lies, everyone knew who the real culprit was because my brothers were all saints. Actual fighting was not in our family. Scolding and insulting they did, but physical violence was not permitted. I did wrestling and other things, but the others did not believe in sports. Only Mantu did a little running. But Hriday did not do any sport, and Chitta did only walking. They were bookworms. In our family, I wrote the books and they read the books.

I am totally different in nature from the rest of the family, totally different. You can say that in their nature, they are like Brahmins. I was the only Kshatriya warrior. They were all serious in their spiritual life and I was just the opposite, specially when I was growing up in Chittagong. At that time, seriousness was not born in my life. I was a vagabond. Of course, after I joined the Ashram I immediately gave up my vagabond life. Also, there I never struck my brothers. It was overnight transformation.