My uncle saves my brother

One month after my father passed away, we had the obsequies. This is a special day in our Hindu tradition. If you come of a rich family, you are supposed to have a celebration and feed hundreds of people on that day.

My brother Chitta was fully responsible for everything. So many goats were sacrificed and food was prepared to serve all the villagers.

Many people came and asked my brother for money. He would give them money and half an hour later they would come and ask him again, as if they had not received anything. My brother was so upset.

My maternal uncle saw that these people were harassing my brother and so he said, "I am the head of the family today. If people want to ask for money, they should come to me and I will give them. You do not have to worry. I will be responsible. I do not want them to bother you anymore."

So for that entire day, my maternal uncle was in charge of the house. When people saw that my maternal uncle was in charge, nobody came to him for money. They had already taken once or even twice from my brother because he did not have the heart to refuse them. But they knew that they could not fool my maternal uncle.