A reluctant confession

One day, soon after my father passed away, my brother Chitta was sitting reading the Isa Upanishad in front of our temporary shop. I was nearby pumping up a small football. I was planning to go and play with it. All on a sudden, a fellow came up to my brother. He was screaming that my father had borrowed money from him and never repaid him. I got so furious with this man because he was harassing my brother. My brother had so many worries and anxieties at that time. But my brother just remained silent.

Then when he saw that my brother was maintaining his poise, the man abruptly left our shop. A short while later, he came back. My brother was still seated there, reading from the Upanishads. The man fell at my brother's feet and begged his forgiveness. He said, "I am the culprit. It is I who borrowed a large amount of money from your father and I never repaid him. What is more, he never asked me for the money. Please forgive me."

My brother Chitta simply smiled at him and remained silent.