Saved by Mother Kali

Once my brother Chitta was very, very sick, and a relative's son was also sick. He was a distant cousin on my maternal uncle's side. Both were in the Chittagong General Hospital and both cases were getting worse. My parents and my distant cousin's parents both went to see an occultist uncle of mine for help. His name was Tara Charan and he lived in a village that was five or six miles away from our village, Shakpura. This uncle was very spiritual and he was very fond of both my father and my mother. He had never paid any attention to studies; he did not even go to primary school. But, since he was a very great occultist, many people used to visit him when they were in trouble. If a cow was stolen, he would tell the owner to go to a particular village to find it. He used to exercise his occult power so often to please ordinary human beings.

From time to time, he lost his occult power and then he became the happiest person because people would stop bothering him. On other occasions, he used to deliberately say the wrong thing because people used to ask him all kinds of stupid and useless questions. But he was very kind to our family.

On this particular day, my cousin's parents arrived at the occultist's home earlier than my parents. They begged him to cure their son. My occultist uncle said to them, "God is also inside the doctors. I am so glad that your son is in the hospital and not at home. God will do everything correctly through the doctors. I always say that God has created doctors and God is inside doctors. So do not worry."

A few hours later, when my parents came to see the same occultist, he said to them, "Doctors are useless! What do the doctors know? They will never be able to cure your son. I am warning you not to let your son take any medicine. Here, I am giving you blessing ash from the Feet of my Mother Kali."

Then the occultist collected some ash from his shrine to Mother Kali. He was a most devoted worshipper of Mother Kali. He gave the ash to my mother and said, "Put this on your son's head and heart and then bring your son back home. Do not let him remain in the hospital."

Because of his great love and respect for my parents, the occultist helped my brother Chitta. My mother took the ash and put it on my brother's head and heart. My brother recovered but, unfortunately, in two or three days' time, our relative's son died. So Mother Kali's force saved my brother. God knows why, but the doctors' treatment could not cure our distant relative's son. This incident happened when I was two or three years old.

The presiding deity of our family is Mother Kali. She saved me and she saved my brother Chitta when we were near death.5

This story will be included in the second volume.