Question: Would you say how the subconscious becomes the entrance to the superconscious realm?

Sri Chinmoy: The subconscious cannot be a direct entrance to the superconscious. One has to first become conscious. Then one has to go beyond the conscious mind through aspiration. From the subconscious region one cannot directly enter into the plane of intuition. It is not possible because intuition is a very high step in the spiritual evolution of the mind. The subconscious has to be purified. Only after it is purified can it take a form which can be held in the conscious mind. But even the conscious mind is not high enough to take us into the realm of intuition. The conscious mind itself is limited. I may be conscious of many things, but that does not mean that I have the power to go beyond the mind. But in the plane of intuition, everything is spontaneous, all-powerful, all-creative. This realm is far removed from the subconscious or even the conscious mind.