Question: Can problems ever be solved psychologically, through psychological analysis, or must it always be spiritually?

Sri Chinmoy: Any problem, if it is solved spiritually, will be completely solved. But if you solve a problem psychologically, the solution is all in the mind, which is a very limited sphere. When we answer a question from the highest spiritual Truth, then we can feel that the answer is true and complete. We will get the ultimate satisfaction only when the question is answered from the spiritual point of view.

Although we have the body, the vital and the mind, if we solve problems from these different perspectives with the different capacities of the mind, the vital or the body, the answers will not completely satisfy our needs. With the mind we can solve the immediate problem. But that solution will not be permanent. The problem will simply take another form and come to us as another difficulty. We think, "I have solved that problem with my analytical mind," but unfortunately, if we go deep within, we will see that that very problem has now taken another shape and has come back to torment us. But once we solve the problem spiritually, we will see that that problem is really gone. And how do we solve a problem spiritually? We solve it through our inner progress, our soul's experience and our soul's light.

Once we begin to have true inner experiences, there will be no necessity to solve any problem with psychology or philosophy. Psychology and philosophy and all other mental ways to explain things are simply hopeless and useless. When we have our own inner experiences, we can see the truth with the light of spirituality, which is the Breath of God. Before that, if we live in the human world, we have to use the mind, we have to use psychology, or we will never attain even partial satisfaction. For temporary relief we can take shelter in the mind. But for permanent solutions we must get spiritual illumination.